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Winning Pitch and Responsive Web Design

My Role - Design Director


As Design Director for ASOS, I led the creation of a responsive website and intranet using the SaaS product MyInvestis, along with a custom CMS. Our goal was to reflect the dynamic and youthful culture of ASOS while enhancing user experience for both external users and internal team members.

Problem Identification

ASOS needed a responsive web presence that could capture and convey its vibrant culture, driven by youthful energy. Additionally, an intranet was required to improve internal communication and collaboration, featuring enhanced UX elements and integration with existing platforms.

Solution Development - Winning the Pitch

We won the pitch by demonstrating how our approach would leverage MyInvestis and custom CMS to deliver a seamless, engaging experience. Our solution emphasized dynamic infographics and real-time feeds, showcasing ASOS's energetic brand.

Responsive Web Design

Dynamic Infographics - Created engaging and visually appealing infographics that dynamically updated from the MyInvestis platform.

Social Media Integration - Incorporated social media APIs to reflect the active and lively culture of ASOS.

User-Centric Design - Ensured the website was fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across devices.

Intranet Development

Live Video Integration - Added live video features, including access to runway shoots directly from the user dashboard.

Internal Marketplace - Developed an internal marketplace to facilitate employee interaction and engagement.

Enhanced UX Features - Focused on user experience by integrating intuitive navigation, personalized dashboards, and interactive elements.

Collaboration and Implementation

We collaborated closely with ASOS's in-house team to ensure the final product aligned with their vision and needs. This involved continuous feedback loops and iterative design processes to refine and perfect the solutions.


Successful Launch - The responsive website and intranet launched successfully, receiving positive feedback for its design and functionality.

Increased Engagement - Notable increase in user engagement, both on the public website and the internal intranet.

Brand Reflection - Effectively captured the vibrant and youthful spirit of ASOS, enhancing its brand presence online.


Leading the project as Design Director, I ensured that the solutions not only met ASOS's requirements but also set new standards for user engagement and experience. The successful implementation of the responsive website and intranet has significantly contributed to ASOS's digital presence and internal communication efficiency.

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