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Winning Pitch and Responsive Web Design

My Role - Design Director


As the Design Director for Betfair, I led the development of a responsive web design using the SaaS product MyInvestis and a custom CMS. Our goal was to create a compelling and engaging narrative that reflected Betfair's dynamic and innovative brand, utilizing bold storytelling, case studies, B2C content, and video integration.

Problem Identification

Betfair needed a responsive website that could effectively convey its competitive edge and success stories to a diverse audience. The challenge was to present content in a lively and engaging manner, leveraging various media formats to enhance user engagement and storytelling.

Solution Development - Winning the Pitch

We secured the pitch by highlighting our ability to design a website that captured Betfair's energetic and innovative spirit. Our proposal showcased how bold storytelling, combined with case studies, B2C content, and videos, could effectively communicate Betfair's brand and achievements.

Responsive Web Design

Bold Narrative - Developed a strong, story-driven framework to highlight Betfair's achievements and market leadership.

Case Studies - Incorporated detailed case studies to provide real-world examples of success, showcasing the impact of Betfair's services in the betting industry.

B2C Content - Created engaging B2C content that resonated with the target audience, emphasizing the unique benefits and features of Betfair's offerings.

Video Integration - Utilized high-energy videos to enhance storytelling, reflecting Betfair's dynamic brand personality.

User Experience

Intuitive Navigation - Ensured the UX was straightforward and user-friendly, allowing users to easily access information and services.

Engaging Content - Focused on creating content that was not only informative but also vibrant and visually appealing.

Interactive Elements - Added interactive elements to maintain user interest and encourage deeper engagement with the content, reflecting Betfair's innovative approach.

Collaboration and Implementation

We worked closely with Betfair's team throughout the design and development process, ensuring alignment with their brand vision and objectives. Regular feedback and iterative improvements were key to refining the final product.


Successful Launch - The responsive website was launched successfully, receiving positive feedback for its energetic design and functionality.

Increased User Engagement - Users reported higher engagement levels, particularly with the interactive case studies and dynamic video content.

Brand Reflection - The bold narrative approach effectively communicated Betfair's value propositions and innovative spirit, enhancing brand perception.

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