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Golfing app that helps you identify, understand and improve your game using ML/Gen AI

My Role - Head of Product Design


I have been leading the design and development of a proof-of-concept generative AI app for avid golfers. This app leverages Clippd's advanced ML models to provide a completely personalized experience, helping golfers identify, understand, and improve their game through a holistic approach that includes mental, physical, and lifestyle aspects.

Problem Identification

Golfers often struggle to identify specific areas for improvement and how to address them effectively. Existing golf training apps lack the ability to provide personalized, comprehensive training programs that consider the unique data and needs of each player. There was a clear opportunity to create an app that could offer a tailored improvement program, leveraging the vast data and advanced analytics of Clippd's ML models.

Market Research

Interviews and User Insights

To ensure the Clippd app met the needs of its target audience, we conducted extensive market research, including:

In-Depth Interviews - Conducted one-on-one interviews with avid golfers, coaches, and sports psychologists to gather detailed insights into their needs, challenges, and preferences.

Focus Groups - Organized focus groups to discuss common pain points and desired features in a golf training app, ensuring diverse perspectives were considered.

Surveys - Distributed surveys to a larger pool of golfers to validate the findings from interviews and focus groups.

To organize the content and get insights from the transcripts I created a GPT that learned from the transcripts and actioned them against persona variables.

Collaboration with Research Agency

We collaborated with a specialized golf market research agency to gain a deeper understanding of the US product-market fit. Their expertise provided:

Market Analysis - Detailed analysis of current market trends, competitor offerings, and gaps in existing solutions.

Product-Market Fit - Validation of the app's concept and features through extensive testing and feedback from a broad audience of golfers.

User Personas - Development of detailed user personas to guide the design and functionality of the app, ensuring it met the specific needs of different types of golfers.

Persona 1 - Young Professional Golfer

Persona 2 - Casual Golfer

Persona 3 - Senior Enthusiast

Persona 4 - Fitness-Focused Golfer

Solution Development

Key Features

Personalized Experience - Uses Clippd's ML model to define each player's shot quality and play quality, providing insights based on tracked shots from all players on all courses.

Holistic Improvement Program - Supports not only technical aspects of golf but also mental health, physical wellbeing, nutrition, sleep, and strength training.

Generative AI - Provides personalized practice drills, recommendations and improvement plans based on each golfer's unique data and performance metrics.

Comprehensive Data Integration - Tracks and analyzes all aspects of a golfer's game, offering detailed insights and actionable feedback.


Try Divot - A GPT I created to help your mental and physical game.


I collaborated closely with the data science team to develop this proof-of-concept. Our goal was to integrate Clippd's extensive data and advanced analytics capabilities into a simple user-friendly app that can revolutionize the golfing app market.


User-Centered Design - Focused on creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface that ensures golfers can access personalized insights and recommendations effortlessly.

Data-Driven Insights - Leveraged Clippd's ML model to provide accurate and relevant feedback, helping golfers understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Holistic Approach - Incorporated features that address the mental and physical aspects of training, ensuring a well-rounded improvement program tailored to each golfer's needs.


Transformative Potential - The proof-of-concept has shown promising results in offering a highly personalized and effective training model.

Market Differentiation - Positioned to transform the golfing app market by offering a unique, data-driven, and holistic training experience.


As Head of Product Design, I have led the creation of the consumer Clippd app, a groundbreaking proof-of-concept that utilizes generative AI to provide golfers with personalized, comprehensive training programs. By focusing on the unique data and needs of each player, the app aims to offer an effective and transformative training experience that addresses all aspects of a golfer's game and wellbeing.

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