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AI based B2B SaaS product that creates an autonomous value based response for automotive warranty management

My Role - Head of UX

Problem Identification

The existing M:WISE product lacked user experience, severely impacting the performance of assessors. The app contained excessive, irrelevant content and form fields, with no prior UX audits conducted. Our goal was to design a more intuitive and user-centric application that streamlined processes and improved efficiency.

Solution Development


Conducted individual onsite interviews with assessors to understand their pain points and identified the need for a human-centered design approach. With key takeaways - Intuitive user experience, Team collaboration, One click ‘Pay’, Dashboard view based on role, Analytics.

Collaborative Design and Systems Thinking

Encouraged team collaboration to understand the broader system, define problems, generate creative solutions, and align ideas effectively. Ensured a holistic view of AI technology and its system-wide impact.

User Personas

Developed clear, human-centered personas to guide design decisions and improve user experience.


Creating a uniqe and modern branding that conveyed data intellegnece and innovation

Flows, Wireframs, Design System

Created unique flows for different team roles, reducing cognitive overload and keeping content relevant to user needs.


SaaS Web App

By defining user roles and creating a gamified user centric experience, assessors are presented with unique dashboards. Weighted content interactions and performance analytics enables the user realtime performance and aids in Machine Learning.

Mobile Rewards App

allows assessors to use the gamified features and analytics to interact with teammates, set personal goals, get mentoring and of course use their points earned!


Testing and Feedback

  • The prototype showed significant improvements

  • Implemented content audits with weighted interactions, gamification to reward users, internal chats for collaboration, and analytics for mentoring.

Business Impact

  • Achieved $12m in new contracts with Rolls-Royce, Ford, and Volkswagen

  • Secured $50m in new investment from Bain Capital.

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