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Moshi Games

Nurturing essential life skills like creativity and self-expression through play

My Role - Head of Product Design

Opportunity Identification

We wanted a way to provide a safe child led experience that parents could feel was a good choice for screen time throughout the day - building upon our children's mindful Moshi experience. Through collaboration with child development experts, we identified the importance of open-ended play in fostering imagination and creativity in young children. Our goal was to create learning experiences that nurture essential life skills like creativity and self-expression.

Solution Development

Research and User Personas

We conducted extensive research with education and behavioural specialists along with user interview. Then we where able to focus our objectives and create a range of user personas for parent, teachers, caretaker and child(4-8).


I started by having brain storming sessions with my team and coming up with ideas around a coloring experience we could create using our Moshi characters. Strategically we needed to  design templates and assets that could scale and apply to infinite variations.



Design and Testing

We presented various design variations to children and parentsto play test and get some feedback. 

Animations and Illustrations

We strategically designed our assets to ensure scalability and reusability, taking a native app development approach to maximize efficiency and performance - using Lottie animations for mico interations to keep the feeling fun and engaging.

Final Designs and Prototypes

Iterating on the feedback received during testing and a continued collaboration with the development. High fidelity prototypes are internally tested and ready for hand off.

Business Impact

Moshi Coloring had a great adoption and engagement rate accounting for a third of all 5 games played. Over 4 million games were played in the first 3 months and appealed to a larger demographic. It also became a significant attribute to new user acquisition.

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