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My Moshi Day

Helping parents and children create healthy routines throughout their day

My Role - Head of Product Design

Opportunity Identification

Our data revealed that over 80% of Moshi's content plays occurred at night, focusing primarily on sleep. Despite this success, we identified an opportunity to enhance children's daily routines by offering more than just sleep content. We introduced learning meditation, breathing exercises, and emotional regulation throughout the day to help parents and children build healthy routines.

Solution Development

User Personas

From our extensive research we created user personas for parents, teachers, caretakers and children(4-12)

Feature Canvas

Content Strategy

Develop a personalized daily content framework, presenting 16 pieces of content tailored to the child's age and interests at each time of day - morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Design Development

I led the design process, from concept and ideation to high fidelity designs, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes. Collaborating with illustrators and animators to create vector based character animations using Lottie.


Lottie Animations


With My Moshi Day, 16 pieces of personalized content are presented to your child every day at the right time, according to their age. It’s important for us to provide a personalized experience and offer tracks appropriate to your child’s age and interests at that particular time of day. We care about you and your experience, so we want to tailor our services to meet your needs.


My Moshi Day

Cross-Functional Collaboration

I managed - design, illustration, animation collaborating closely with engineering teams to ensure a cohesive hand off and development process.


  • Achieved a 13% increase in daytime content usage.

  • Saw a 22% increase in time spent in the top area of the app's home screen which led to a broader engagement of content types.

  • Positive feedback from users highlighted the app's friendly and engaging nature, helping children discover new content as a child led experience.

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