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Winning Pitch and Responsive Web Design

My Role - Design Director


As the Design Director for Ocado, I led the development of a responsive web design using the SaaS product MyInvestis and a custom CMS. Our approach focused on creating a light, lively user interface that emphasized motion graphics and narrated videos over static images, with an intuitive and minimalist user experience (UX).

Problem Identification

Ocado needed a modern, responsive web presence that could deliver a dynamic and engaging user experience. The challenge was to create a visually appealing website without relying heavily on images, while ensuring that the user interface remained intuitive and user-friendly.

Solution Development - Winning the Pitch

We secured the pitch by showcasing our ability to design a website that leveraged MyInvestis and a custom CMS to create a unique, engaging experience. Our proposal focused on the use of motion graphics and short narrated videos to effectively communicate Ocado's brand and offerings.

Responsive Web Design

Light and Lively UI - Developed a user interface that was visually light and vibrant, avoiding heavy reliance on static images.

Motion Graphics - Implemented dynamic motion graphics to enhance visual appeal and user engagement.

Narrated Videos - Created short narrated videos to provide information and storytelling in an engaging format.

Minimalist Design - Applied a 'less is more' philosophy, focusing on simplicity and ease of navigation.

User Experience

Intuitive Navigation - Ensured the UX was straightforward and user-friendly, with clear paths to information and services.

Minimalist Approach - Focused on keeping the design clean and simple, reducing clutter and enhancing user focus.

Interactive Elements - Incorporated interactive elements that were easy to use and added to the overall user experience without overwhelming the user.

Collaboration and Implementation

We worked closely with Ocado's team throughout the design and development process, maintaining open communication to align our work with their goals and vision. Iterative feedback and testing were integral to refining the final product.


Successful Launch - The responsive website was launched successfully, receiving praise for its design and functionality.

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