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Scoreboard by Clippd

Scoreboard is the home of US college golf powered by Clippd - Live Scoring app

My Role - Head of Product Design


As the Head of Product Design for Clippd, I led the creation of a live scoring app designed to live score at tournaments and populate the Scoreboard platform. This app, part of the broader Scoreboard platform, was developed to meet the needs of three key user personas: host, coach, and player. It also offers fans the ability to view live stats, news, and articles about tournaments.

Problem Identification

The college golfing community faced a lack of innovative solutions for managing and tracking tournament activities. Existing tools were cumbersome and failed to provide a seamless user experience. There was a significant opportunity to develop a simple, intuitive app that could address these needs while also engaging fans and stakeholders.

Competitive Research

Our research highlighted a significant gap in innovation within the college golf sector. By focusing on user-friendly interfaces and intuitive designs, we identified the potential to vastly improve the user experience for all personas involved.

Solution Development

User Personas

Host - Manages and organizes tournaments, ensuring smooth operations and timely updates.

Coach - Oversees team management, player profiles, and performance tracking.

Player - Inputs live scores during tournaments and monitors individual performance metrics.

Key Features

Live Scoring - Real-time score updates from players during tournaments.

Tournament Management - Tools for coaches to organize and manage events and player profiles.

Fan Engagement - A platform for fans to view live stats, read news, and access detailed articles about tournaments.

System Design Approach - Ensured rapid development and easy management by editorial and marketing teams.

Wireframes - Live Scoreing App

Design System

Designs - Live Scoring Mobile App




Scoreboard Web and Mobile App

Collaboration and Implementation

We worked closely with the college golfing community to understand their needs and preferences. This collaboration informed our design decisions, ensuring that the app was tailored to provide the best possible experience.


Increased Engagement: The Scoreboard platform has seen a 47% increase in traffic and the average time spent on the site has more then doubled.

Adoption by Major Organizations: Secured $4 million in contracts with NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, showcasing the app's significant impact and acceptance.

Positive Feedback: The app has been well-received by players, coaches, and fans, praising its ease of use and comprehensive features.


As Head of Product Design, I successfully led the development of the Scoreboard live scoring app, creating a solution that revolutionizes the management and enjoyment of college golf tournaments. The app's intuitive design and innovative features have significantly enhanced the user experience, driving increased engagement and securing major contracts within the pro golfing community.

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