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AI travel curator and concierge offering personalized travel recommendations

My Role - Founder

Problem Identification

Travelers face information overload, lack of personalized recommendations, and time-consuming research. Existing solutions often provide generic suggestions that don't cater to individual preferences.


SOAI uses advanced AI to curate personalized travel experiences, providing real-time recommendations based on user preferences, trends, and contextual data. The AI adapts dynamically to ensure tailored travel planning.

Key Features

Personalized Itineraries - Unique travel plans based on user interests and history.

Real-Time Recommendations - Up-to-date activity, dining, and accommodation suggestions.

Contextual Adaptation - Considers weather, local events, and other factors.

User-Friendly Interface - Simplifies travel planning with an intuitive design.


Personalized Experiences - Tailored itineraries for each user.

Adaptive Technology - Learns and evolves with user interactions.

Comprehensive Support - End-to-end travel planning assistance.


User Feedback - Positive early user testing results.

Recognition - Highlighted as a pioneering solution from the BCGDV incubator team

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