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Innovating the recruitment process for UBS using generative AI to provide a personable and positive candidate experience

My Role - Product Concept Interview Task

Problem Identification

The recruitment process often suffers from bias, inefficiency, and poor candidate engagement. Recruiters and HR managers struggle with managing high volumes of applications, coordinating interviews, and providing timely feedback, while candidates face unclear processes, long waiting periods, and lack of transparency.

User Personas

Recruiter Persona

HR Manager Persona

Candidate Persona

Process Flow

  • AI can help provide unbiased assessments, generate questions and deliver personalized constructive feedback

  • As candidates move through the process, they are provided realtime updates, feedback and valuable insights through the mobile app

  • Candidates becoming employees now have access to onboarding information,

    communities, incentivised activities and learning

Recruiter & HR Manager - web app

  • Automated Assessment

  • Unbiased Standardised Summaries

  • Generated Personalized Replies

  • Automated Booking

Design Concepts - candidate/employee app


  • Status Updates

  • Interview Prep

  • Meet The Team


  • Onboarding

  • Personal Updates

  • Daily Motivation

  • Send Referrals

  • Track Progress

  • Connect to Team

  • Earn Rewards


The UBU platform aims to revolutionize recruitment by simplifying the process and making it more transparent, efficient, and engaging. With AI-driven tools and real-time updates, UBU ensures a seamless and fair experience for both recruiters and candidates. This holistic approach addresses key pain points, fostering a more productive and satisfying recruitment journey for all stakeholders involved.

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