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Mystical wellness product that's comprised of ...

FREE - daily horoscope and tarot card reading + blog stories.

PAID - monthly premium forecast + live video consultations.

my role  Creative Director



BOT for Facebook Messenger

• Daily astrology and tarot card readings delivered via messenger

• Access to stories/blog

• Register for events and set alerts

• Purchase premium forecasts and book video astro readings


Modular responsive site that comprised of aggregated content via api's from various social platforms. By doing this we were able to minimize upkeep, have current content that was consistent and 

created a holistic user experience.

Social Marketing

• Facebook LIVE / Instagram LIVE

• Instagram Sponsored Stories

• Instagram Sponsored Ad's

• Youtube Channel



70% more time is spent on app's and social platforms, then websites - the majority of these platforms have an abundance of developer tools, api's etc. When these are used creatively and strategically you can create an eco system of brand and product rather then an isolated one. It is also incredibly cost effective, efficient and just smart.

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